What's the Value of Inside Work?

Inside I’m moving mountains,

Outside I’m standing still.

It looks like nothing’s changing,

And yet my heart begins to fill.

My space expands with soft gold,

I finally feel at peace.

I am reminded I am already whole,

By connecting with the voice inside of me.

I wrote this poem last fall during a particularly difficult time in my life. It’s hard to explain how transformational meditation was for me at this time, and continues to be. From an outside perspective my life continued to “fall apart” for some time, and yet I knew in my heart I was growing stronger every day. I felt almost confused when people would look at me with pity eyes until I realized that they had no idea what was going on inside me. How full of love my heart had become, how strongly I had reconnected with my intuition, how completely I knew that all the changes I was experiencing were for my highest good. That is the thing about “inside work” - it can be hard to explain to others exactly how you are changing and yet there is no denying the change.

I will say that sometimes it feels more validating to change the outside stuff. Dropping 20lbs, getting a new haircut, driving a nice car, etc.; these are ways that society can see a change in us. Often those changes are validated with compliments from others. It may even make us feel like we’ve got it all together, and yet what do all those things mean without the inside work? Can you be happy dropping 20lbs if you starved yourself to achieve that? Can you really be happy with a new car if you hate the job that earned you that car? We are set up to reward each other for how things look, but what about how things feel? External validation is a driving force for many of us, and yet there is emptiness in that at times.

Meditation has taught me that love exists inside of us, that abundance is not measured in material wealth, and that each of us has a voice that is there to guide us towards our truest purpose. To start or continue your journey of inside work, try our AMP package and watch yourself transform. 

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