You Never Know - Part 2

You have an impact on the world, on those around you, on the individuals you interact with each day, and on the folks you cross paths with everyday. Do you realize that?

On a recent visit with extended family, I discovered during conversations at the dinner table how unaware those family members were of the impact they had on my life. As we talked, laughed, and shared our memories, it dawned on me just how much we don't know and don't realize about how we affect each other's lives.

The things you do each day, what you say, how you make others feel, matter. They ripple out and keep going. The little things become the stories, become the legacy, become the thing.

We often downplay our impact. We discount the role we play in others' successes and lives. We forget to notice and honor. We forget to speak up and tell others how much they matter and how much they have impacted our lives.

It's time to remember, to honor, and to speak up. Don't be afraid! Let others in - let others share in your story - let others know...and in return, hear the responses, hear the feedback and see how you do the same for those in your life and around you.

As we do.