#tbt: What's Your Sign?

This post originally appeared on August 27, 2015.

I look for signs. Okay, I do more than look for signs. I  count on signs. I notice signs. I watch out for signs. I follow signs. 

We all follow signs to some extent. When we drive, we follow the signs to get off the highway. When we are in the theater, we follow the signs to the exit. When we are in the airport, we follow the signs to our gate. You get the picture.

Sometimes we miss signs. We miss messages from the Universe - messages that are for us. We miss these messages for many reasons - we are too busy, we are too stubborn, we don't believe, we are in denial that something that good could be happening to us, and on and on.

I know you are thinking this blog is about paying attention to the signs. And that is one direction I could go -- however, that is a personal choice. Pay attention or not - up to you. @@I'm interested in influencing what sign you put out to the universe.@@ What sign are you displaying?

Do you walk around with the sign saying "confident," "important," "approachable," or "open to possibilities?" Do you walk around revealing your sign or do you hide your sign? Are you hoping no one sees the real you -- the real sign you want to show? 

If life is a mirror, where what we are thinking, creating, doing, having, wanting, manifesting, is being mirrored back to us, then we need to remain conscious about what the sign we want mirrored back to us reads. Right?

So, I ask, what's your sign?

As we do.