#tbt: When Spirit Speaks

When Spirit speaks, do you hear and listen? 

Right away, did you answer in your head "yes, of course?" or "no, what is she talking about?" 

I'm speaking of the messages, the thoughts, the gut feelings, the intuitive insights that pop up for you. They may show up as a friend asking you to do something you have wanted to do for ages, as a sale on your favorite item at your favorite store, or as written messages in a blog you frequent. 

Messages from your Spirit, your higher self, intended for you (despite the fact that millions of people may also hear the "same" information).

Our Spirit works for us, bringing information to us constantly. On the body and mind level, we handle the five senses, processing what we experience, and gathering the information readily accessible. Then Spirit does the rest. Spirit brings in the intangible, it helps us understand and process the unseen. Our Spirit works with us and for us everyday, managing what we do not know (yet) and communicating with us. When we sleep, yep, Spirit keeps right on doing its thing (often conveying information in the form of dreams). 

When you get the desire to purchase that pair of shoes that makes no sense, pay attention, that might be Spirit working for you so when you get the invite to the formal dinner the next day, you are set. When you keep getting the message to text or call someone, then they text or call you, thank your Spirit for the heads up and/or lining that up for you.

Meditation offers an opportunity to consciously connect to our Spirit, our higher power, and to create a dialogue and an understanding of how our Spirit communicates with us. If you do not have certainty about whether or not you hear your Spirit, ask -- next time in meditation, ask. Make it that simple. Then listen, pause, breathe, allow, pay attention, let, receive, and be.

Be present to hear and listen when Spirit speaks. Then allow the rest to unfold. At some point, we need to move from meditation to action (bring the information into the body), however, when we listen to Spirit, space gets created. When we consciously move with Spirit, the gentle rhythm created brings in balance and harmony with body, mind, and spirit. The "to do" list becomes the "done" list with less effort, the "wishes and wants" list gets checked off as things appear, and the stresses and tensions ease.

Consciously bring your Spirit into your life. Create space for your Spirit to speak to you. Let your inner guidance, your higher power, do its job. Then be present to listen. 

As we do. 

ps - For simple techniques to connect to your Spirit, check out AMP (active meditation practice) where we guide you through learning ways to get grounded to listen.

This post originally appeared on July 5, 2016.