#TBT: Where Do You Hang Out?

This post originally appeared on October 22, 2015

The thing about energy is that it is always changing, moving, and updating. When you think you have things figured out, everything changes. You meditate one day, reach enlightenment, get up the next day and are back at square 1, first chakra, all over again. 

We have seven main chakras that line up from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each chakra, energy center that spins, represents a different aspect of ourselves. We dance in and out of these seven chakras our entire lives. Sometimes we know exactly what we are doing (7th chakra), at times we are starring in the lead role in the musical (5th chakra), and other days we can not do enough (3rd chakra). We may find that we hang out in one chakra more than another due to the nature of our experiences or our situational needs. Spending time in the 5th chakra today doesn't mean you will be in the 5th chakra tomorrow. What you need may shift. 

Having an understanding of the chakras helps navigate life. When you know which chakra you or someone else is primarily working in, you can better communicate. If someone is working from the first chakra (safety and survival), things may feel stressful or pressured because to them it is a matter of survival (that is serious business). 

If you are curious where you are working, ask yourself, "Which chakra am I in?" and see what pops up for you. You may get a feeling in your body (if it's around your belly button, most likely second chakra, for example), you may see an image or picture of a number pop up, or you may even simply know. There is no right or wrong in getting this information. 

You can also pick up verbal cues from yourself and others to indicate which chakra is being worked. For example, "I see..." indicates 6th chakra (your chakra for clairvoyance, clear seeing). "I feel..." is often a 4th chakra statement (your heart center, affinity for self and others).

Once you have this information, you can play with it. See what you notice about yourself and others. You may even find yourself deciding which chakra you would like to work in or with and hanging out there more often.

As we do.