Why Choose One?

This week I thought about which oil I might want to feature and I couldn’t choose just one. I ordered my starter kit about a month ago and on numerous occasions wondered what I did before I had it. The ten oils in this kit are referred to as “everyday oils” and I see why.  They have fit into my life seamlessly, replacing other products or filling a new niche.

Here are a few of the ways I’ve used my oils:

· DiGize - When I was glutened and when my son had a stomach flu this last weekend this oil was essential. I rubbed it all over his stomach as well as had my daughter and I take some orally as preventative care.

· Peppermint - This oil is also great to rub on sore tummies. I also like to place a drop on a cotton ball and place it near me when feeling a bit tired as the aroma naturally gives me an energy boost. 

· Lemon - In cooking and also as a room freshener in the diffuser.

· Lavender - In the bath, so relaxing. I also put a few drops in a little spray bottle with distilled water and my children love to spritz their pillows with it before bed. 

· Frankincense - On an old scar to help diminish its appearance.

· Thieves - Has been a staple in immune boosting, diffused and also mixed with a carrier oil such as olive oil and rubbed on feet at night.

· Purification - On my son’s car seat after previously mentioned stomach flu...

· PanAway - To help work out some very tight shoulder muscles (again add a drop to small amount of carrier oil such as olive oil in your hand and rub on your muscles to support muscle aches).

· R.C - Has for a long time been my staple to help relieve discomfort associated with congestion, wouldn't you know we just came down with our first colds of the season.

· Stress Away - I’ve basically slathered this on myself and my kids whenever a stressful moment arises.

· Copaiba - This oil is one of the oils in the Stress Away blend and can be diffused to release stress and support relief from physical discomfort.

This starter kit also comes with The Dewdrop diffuser, which is an aesthetically pleasing way to diffuse the oil of your choice around the room. If you have been curious about essential oils and haven’t known where to begin, here it is. Get the kit, see how the oils amplify your daily experience.

If you want to chat with me about why Young Living oils is the way to go when it comes to essential oils, email me at Alicia@daringspirits.com.