#tbt: Why Look? Why See?

Daring Spirits aims to foster wild and amazing growth periods in people as they get grounded in their space and see their life for all its magnificence. We believe everyone has the ability to look, to notice, to see, and in that looking, seeing, and noticing, there is freedom, passion, and magic. 

Freedom to make choices. Passion to uncover for the things you wish to create. Magic to discover about life and being in your body. 

When you own the life you are creating, when you choose to see abundance and love, when you dare to go all in, amazing things happen and unfold. We each are incredible individuals here to learn and grow, each walking a unique path.   

Meditation is the tool we use to help individuals find, connect to, and magnify their purpose. We not only believe, we know that when people are given time and space, an opportunity to reflect, a place to release, and techniques to connect to their own information and energy, the result is life-changing. Once you see, you can't un-see. Once you tap into your potential, you can't untap it. Once you know what is possible, you can't un-know it.  

So why Daring Spirits? Because we believe on some level we are all daring spirits, daring to live our most magnificent lives, daring to be our best, daring to go for it in whatever capacity that looks, and daring to find others doing the same. 

Join us in looking and seeing. Look and see for yourself how amazing you are, how amazing life is. Be part of the healing happening now, right now. Choose to look and choose to see. We believe meditation is a most helpful skill and companion to have on your journey. 

Meditate with us. Share your journey with us. Take a look. You might like what you see!

As we do.  



Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment