TBT: Will you Hold this Picture for Me?

This post originally appeared on June 30, 2015.

Sometimes we can't see ourselves. We look in the mirror. We see ourselves in photos. And yet, we can't completely see ourselves. We don't remember, see, understand, know, realize how remarkable we are. We can't always step out of our way to let our magnificence shine through.

That's where you come in. That's where I come in. That's where family and friends come in. 

Sometimes we all need someone to hold a picture for us, to see something in us that we can't quite see, to 'hold' a vision of us until we are ready to see it for ourselves.

Parents do this for their kids all the time. They see a brilliant student, a great athlete, a rock star, a four star chef, a beauty in braces, and so forth. Parents hold a space, create a picture of their child, and over time the child sees the picture too and goes on to make the picture their own or a similar picture their own. All because someone held the picture - someone created the space - for them to step into their amazingness.

Recently I have started a few new things, this blog being one of them. Whenever I start something new, I can feel scared, excited, at times overwhelmed, and experience ups and downs, successes and fails. Throughout the process of starting these new things over the last few weeks/months, I have grown increasingly conscious of others holding pictures for me about these steps. Family, friends, amazing co-creators - each holding a space, a picture, little reminders of a vision, a piece perhaps I can't quite see or can't quite understand yet. And each time I lose sight of the picture, the vision, what I am seeking to create, I find myself reaching out and landing in the space of someone who is willing to show me, remind me, reveal to me another piece of the picture. 

It's times like that I say thank you -- thank you for holding the picture, the space -- until I can see it for myself, until I can have it for myself, until I can remember it for myself.  

As we do.



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