#tbt: You Are Part of the Collective Unconscious - Are you Working for It or Against It?

This post originally appeared on July 12, 2016. Six months later, I can attest to the fact that Elizabeth has been rising to the challenge she gave herself on her birthday quite admirably. It makes a difference. -Barbara

I meditate. I see energy. Most of the time, I believe that a "bigger picture" is in play. That's all good

What is perhaps not good: I wrestle with handling tragedy. I grapple with handing information that there is no other way to slice except to say that it is not "good." Yes, time heals all wounds, and yes, everything happens for a reason; however, sometimes those sayings don't seem to help.

 Sometimes life is hard and it stinks and bad things do happen to good people.

Those "good" and "bad" things become our stories. They become our connections. They become our heritage. They unite and divide us. They bridge gaps and forge divisions. They define us.

We are made up of the collective experiences that create our stories. 

The challenge I have run into lately is that the story I see unfolding is harsh, unkind, sad, and tragic. It's full of judgement, deception, and even lies. We live in a reality influenced by fear, uncertainty, and distrust. A tragedy instead of a romantic comedy, a story that will define us for centuries, if we survive. 

The reality: we are co-creating the picture of our world together.

The sad reality: some people don't believe they have any bearing on the picture being created.

The real reality: everyone matters. Every thought and deed matters. The ripple might not be felt for days; however, the ripple will be felt. You matter.

While our immediate world may be filled with love and compassion, does that spill out into the wider world? How are we each contributing to the collective unconscious that creates the bigger realities? Do we take time everyday to release, to be in our truths, to accept others as they are, to love unconditionally? Does fear govern our lives or does courage and faith win? What energies are we feeding each day?

Today marks the anniversary of my birth. Yes, 37 years ago today, I graced the world with my presence (you can leave your *remarks* in the comment section).

My challenge this year: to consciously feed compassion, love, grace, and joy in the world, to share passion for life, and to fly in the face of fear and injustice. By saying hello to the energies in the world, not ignoring or denying pain and suffering, in seeing sadness, I have to believe there is healing, there is hope, and their is change on the other side.

While sadnesses and unfortunate events will always occur, when we ignore the tragedies, when we remain in our bubble of "that doesn't impact me," we all suffer.

Collectively, we can change the story unfolding in our world. You and me, together. It starts with one thought that turns into another.  

Let's turn the collective unconscious into a love story, a comedy, anything but a tragedy. 

Join me? One meditation, one changed thought, one moment of mindfulness at a time.

As we do.