TBT: Place Your Order

This post originally appeared on September 10, 2015 with the title, "Would You Like Fries With That?"

Everybody hits the cosmic drive-thru. We looove the convenience of placing our order and receiving it without having to really do much at all. Sometimes when we get to the window, our order is exactly what we expect. Other times, there seems to have been a mix-up and there's a "mistake" in our order.

Perhaps there was static on the intercom and the universe didn't quite get what we said, all that went through was a garbled mumble. Or maybe what we ordered wasn't exactly perfect for us, so the universal drive-thru teller gave us something better.

Running with the drive-thru analogy for a minute, think about this. What do you think would happen if you pulled up to the speaker box and just said, "Oh, I don't know what I want. Just give me something."

That might end up ok, or you might end up with something you really don't like. And yet, every day, that is exactly how many people place their orders at the cosmic drive thru.

Enter a neat little energy trick called a mock up. Creating a mock up simply means mentally putting up a picture of what you want, then releasing it to the universe to be delivered to you when the time is right. It's being clear and specific at the cosmic drive-thru speaker, knowing that if your mock up is meant to be for you, that you'll get to the window at the right moment and your order will be there for you.

Notice what's missing? 

Do you climb into the restaurant and tell the cook precisely how to prepare your order, looking over their shoulder and micromanaging every detail?

We call that mucking up the mock up. It takes the fun out of it, and kinda defeats the purpose of going to the drive-thru. Are you with me?

I admit the drive-thru analogy is imperfect, because in life we rarely go from speaker box directly to window. We meander, tend to other things, generally live life and have experiences rather than sitting in a box going from point A to point B. Life is more like a series of drive-thrus layered together, and we move between them, seamlessly ordering and picking up various mock ups, each one in its right time.

There are lots of ways to envision a mock up. For example, some people use roses, balloons, or bubbles. Right now, try seeing yourself at a cosmic drive-thru, looking at a colorful menu of things or experiences.

Clear your head as best you can, and see the drive-thru speaker box. Picture a cord or cable going from the bottom of the box all the way to the center of the earth, grounding the box.

Now fill that box with a picture of something you'd like. It can be anything: a new car, a dog, a cup of coffee, a pair of shoes, a promotion, a call from a friend, anything. Make the picture as complete as you can. Really see it, giving it as much detail as possible. 

Next, fill the box/picture with gold energy; at this time you can even ask for a blessing on it from your higher power if that feels right (I like to ask God to tweak the picture for me, improving it in ways I might not think of). When you're satisfied with the picture, imagine cutting the cord and watching the speaker box & your picture float off into the sky. Trust that it will return to you when it is time.

And notice what happens.

Barbara Holbrook2 Comments