#TBT: It's Your Job

This post originally appeared on October 19, 2015.

A lot of us get up each day and go to work. We work in buildings, outdoors, or a mixture of the two; we punch in and punch out; we sit in our dream offices at our dream jobs; we sit in our dismal cubicles of our second choice professions. We show up or at least somewhat show up. We do our best or as close to our best as we can muster. And we work or at least look like we are working. After all, we are at our 'job.' 

That is the picture, that is the programming, that is the collective agreement. That is the easy way out.

Your job is to be you! To be the most amazing, most magnificent, shiny you that you can be. You owe it to not only yourself, to the world. To not be you, to let others outshine you for the sake of who knows what, to push down your dreams and aspirations, is a disservice to you and everyone around you. To show up every day, to be present for what this world is showing you, teaching you, and asking you, and to bring all of your (your dreams, your ideas, your truths) is your job. 

Somehow we forget that after we are born. When we are growing our bodies, we take it seriously -- it's our job to grow elbows, toes, organs, and a body. After we are born, we remember for a while that we are here to be who we need to be (and we are often encouraged to do so). Then somewhere along the way, we forget to make being ourselves a priority, our number 1 job. We push it lower and lower on the list so we can get to our "paying" job.  

What if we were all dominoes? When we are all on our true path and doing our 'job,' we create a design, not knocking any other piece down. When we lose our path, forget to do our 'job,' chaos ensues, dominoes get knocked down. We aren't doing our jobs. We have forgotten our truths.

Is today the day that you dare to step into - or back into - your truth? To be bright and shiny? To be you? To continue doing your things, your other 'job,' yet choose to bring your true energy along with you -- to choose to show up -- body, mind, and soul.

It's not as easy as it sounds. It can be downright exhausting. And sometimes, the pay isn't that great. 

Yet, often the reward far exceeds the original expectation...

As we do.