What Do You Do?

This post originally appeared on October 20, 2015.

I wish I had a nickel for every time I've been asked recently, "What do you do?" 
(I'd turn those nickels around to a kick-butt branding consultant so she could tell me what to say without tripping over myself.)

The title on my Daring Spirits business card simply reads, Co-Creator. Maybe I should start saying that. "I co-create. And you?"

It really is the best short answer I can think of at the moment. The thing is, that's what everyone's doing - so it doesn't really help someone understand what I do. It would be a little like saying, "I breathe. And you?" True, yes. Informative and engaging conversation, not so much.

I don't make widgets or do TPS reports for a regular paycheck. I'm not a lawyer or a doctor or an astronaut or a fire fighter or a princess. I left the workforce a decade ago to be an at-home parent. Though gratifying in a million ways, it's not a definitive answer to that pesky question.

Maybe I should go with what makes my soul tingle...

I encourage people to connect with their truth. I empower people to be their most authentic selves. I hold space for people to explore who they are in this moment, and figure out what that means to the world. I cultivate a deep and light-hearted relationship with Spirit, and share openly about it in hopes that my seeking will resonate with others and encourage them in their journey.

I am lucky (if that's even a thing) to do so with a co-creator who expects that I show up with honesty and authenticity and daring, and I expect the same from her. I'm talking about my daring partner here, not the great cosmic co-creator (although it fits there, too).

Every single one of us is co-creating, every single time we come up with a plan or produce something. We're co-creating with our friends and colleaugues, with our partners, with our higher powers, with the power of the universe, with God.

The real question then is, "What do you co-create?"

Now that's a conversation starter with some zing! Wouldn't you love to hear how people answer that question? What would your answer be? Ask yourself, and have that information handy when you're doing what you do.

And notice what happens.