#tbt: You Do You

You do you. 

Have you heard this little gem? It's been showing up on fridge magnets, coffee cups, t-shirts, and bumper stickers for the last several years. It is another way of saying be yourself. Some people find it annoying (perhaps because it's associated with Millennials and people think it encourages selfishness), but me? I love it. 

Why? Because it's a full-on invitation for you to connect with your spirit. What feels better than that? Do your thing. You are who you're here to be, right? You are a singular arrangement of atoms walking around on a rock that's hurtling through space at about 1,000 mph - never in the history of humanity has there been a person with your unique shape, set of experiences, and view of the world. It validates your very existence.

You do you.

I keep getting that message, that little love letter from the Universe. Some days it's just a whisper. Sometimes it's like a 2x4 between the eyes. My favorite times are when it's a series of people and situations and encounters in rapid succession, irrefutably telling me that I am here to be the most complete version of myself that I can muster.

Like last week: I got it in a well-timed Facebook comment from a friend. I heard it in a conversation with my youngest. It came up in a book I'm reading. There it was, at church on Sunday. 

You do you.

The thing that has me straight-up belly laughing over this is that the message has been there, in various forms, my whole life. I just couldn't claim it as a message to me until I got a whole lot of other stuff out of the way. You see, I thought I was doing me, and I surely was, but I was doing a muted version of me. A version of me that fit into other people's pictures of who I was. Me...just a little less than full-volume me.

Now, I'm not about to drop a bomb here and reveal some long-hidden aspect of myself. I'm not becoming a man, leaving my family to sit on a mountaintop and meditate for 18 hours a day, or coming out of the witness protection program. I'm not changing faiths or joining the circus or finally revealing my secret third arm (though that would really come in handy - pun 100% intended). Though if any of those apply to you and you want to open up in the comments...

You do you.

What I'm talking about is more subtle. I'm standing on the promise that I am here for a purpose, that I matter. I'm through apologizing, whether in word or deed, for my atoms organizing and occupying space. Do you apologize for existing? Most of us do at some point or other, and there are about a million microscopic ways we do it.

I am Barbara. I co-create with the power of the Universe, and I matter.

You do you.

If you've lost touch with who you are, maybe it's time to reconnect. What would it look like for you to have just a little more you in your life? In your decision-making process? In your social interactions? In your relationship? Career? Daily routine? 

I am not suggesting you all run out and become narcissistic or egotistical and give up all concern for the opinions and feelings of others. I'm simply suggesting saying hello to your true self.

You do you...because you'll do it better than anyone else in the history of the universe ever has or ever will. 

And notice what happens.

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This post originally appeared on June 28, 2016. 

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