Your Magnificence Heals the World

You are magnificent. You. Are. Magnificent.

Did you know that? Had you forgotten? (You can message me on FB telling me how much you appreciated the reminder.)

When you shine your brightest, when you let you be you, you heal the world, you make magic.. You are a healing to yourself and everyone around you.

When we forget who we are, attempt to be someone we are not, step out of our truth, our light dims, our energy weakens, things don't line up. You working in your truth, living in alignment with your spirit, creates healing -- and that healing is contagious.

We are all here to heal, ourselves and others, collectively and individually. When you turn on your truth, when you operate from your best self, when you step onto your path, when you let your magnificence shine, you create a healing, a ripple, a space for others to walk in their magnificence. 

Be magnificent. Be you. It's one and the same. 

As we do.  



Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment