Being Self-Centered Is a Gift you Give the World

You're always going to be self-centered (let's face it, you are the center of your own life), so why not get good at it?

Look, I don't want to rain on anybody's self-help parade here and I'm certainly not advocating being a selfish boob, but let's get real for a minute. People throw around the phrase "self-centered" like it's an insult; what if it's really one of the best things we can be for our selves and for each other?

When we use self-centered to mean solely concerned with one's own desires, needs, or interests (as defined by Mirriam-Webster), then, well, yeah, it's not a label I'd want to wear. On the other hand...when self-centered refers to being grounded in one's own space and energy, then I want to be self-centered all the livelong day.

You see, when you're centered in your own space, grounded, standing in your truth, resonating at your own unique vibration, then you are fully inhabiting the life you have been given. You're working at a level where circumstances don't sway your vision, where other peoples' pictures don't influence your belief in your inherent value, and you can give (and receive) from a place of abundance and open-heartedness. 

Imagine a world where that kind of self-centeredness was the norm.

Validating your own worthiness goes a long way toward allowing you to validate others. In fact, I really don't believe you can truly, honestly, fully give someone else their due if you aren't willing to accept your own light.

Get centered in your space, connect with the truth of who you are, and get real about what you're here to do.

And notice what happens.

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Barbara HolbrookComment