Karma: It's More than a Measure of Good or Bad

The idea of karma is that you continually get the teaching that you need to open your heart.
~ Pema Chodrun

What does the word "karma" mean to you? Is it something you ever think about? Did you immediately hear Boy George singing in your head? (If you did, we are kindred spirits. Call me!)

Pema Chodron and Boy George in the same post. Do I even need to go any further?

Karma. There is much discussion out there about what it is, how it works, whether or not it really is a bitch. At its core, karma is quite simply about cause and effect.

Energetically, we are all connected. What one person does has a ripple effect, it impacts others. Every decision we make, no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential, sets the space for the decisions and actions that follow. So it makes sense, then, to be mindful of our intentions as we move through our day. What we did yesterday or in a past life affects us now, what we do now will affect us down the road.

Spiritually, too, we are all connected. We come from the same source, the highest vibration, divine love. When we come into a body and experience a life, we take actions that move us toward and away from that source. Some of the energy of those movements sticks with us, that's how we accumulate karmic residue. If that residue is from actions that move us away from our source, it can subsequently hinder us from reaching our highest potential. We can carry that residue with us from lifetime to lifetime, and after a while it can really drag our vibration down.

When we limit our view of karma to "good" and "bad," we take it out of context and miss the bigger picture. We can't do a bunch of good things to cancel out the bad things we do - life doesn't work that way. If it did, wouldn't we all just play the numbers and ensure that we did more "good" than "bad," building up enough good credits that we'd no longer have to feel the effects of any bad decisions we make?

We can, however, be mindful of our intentions when we do things, be aware of the vibration we're working at and putting out into the world - knowing that our actions will impact others and our future selves. We can recognize that karma is not a fixed entity, it exists on a scale that moves in every direction (and probably in some directions that scientists haven't pinned down yet). We can say hello to the karma we're carrying and clear it, either through lessons on a body level or - if we're able to tune in to it - through working it on a spirit level. Either way, we benefit. Clearing our karma is a healing that raises our vibration.

Take a look at your karma, see what you can do to clear it. 

And notice what happens.

Barbara HolbrookComment