Change Your Food Channel

Programming. Many of us understand the concept of programming an electronic device, and I think we all have our favorite programs, or tv shows, we like to watch. But how often do you think about the programs you rerun for yourself about food?  What is that? I will explain.

In energy work, programming refers to the ideas and beliefs we hold and carry with us in regard to our lives. Sometimes these are beneficial, but mostly they limit next steps and keep us from our full potential. When it comes to food and health many of us have MAJOR programming.

Did you grow up in a household that used food as comfort? Did your momma hand you a lollipop to make you smile after getting a boo boo? Do you still reach for food as comfort when you are hurt or stressed? This is a program.

Perhaps you grew up in a home that firmly believed that fats make you fat, maybe you heard many times, don't eat so much butter, it will make you fat! And maybe you still believe that fat will make you fat, even though there is considerable research that indicates that the nutrients found in high quality fats are beneficial. That's an example of specific food programming.

Deeper programming can exist around our health that can be painfully intermingled with our happiness. For example, the belief that your life will only be good when you reach your goal weight. Or the belief that you are overweight and powerless to change that. Sometimes it's not even a conscious belief but affects us on a subliminal level, sabotaging our strongest efforts to get healthy. These are deep programs about our self-worth that are intermingled with our physical bodies. This type of programming is the harder of the two to change, because it is often associated with emotions we may not want to dive into. The thing is, when we open Pandora's box, we are confronting and with a little work (or play), we are releasing these unhealthy and unwelcome programs.

Energy tools are a great way to address and release the programming we hold about our own well-being. If this post strikes you as feeling particularly relevant, consider an individual heath coaching session in which we can identity old programs and help replace those out-of-date beliefs with current and beneficial tools.

Keep your eyes peeled this fall for a new program in which you can Let Old Visuals Evolve, changing your perspective on your own health and happiness...