For thousands of years, people have used EOs cosmetically, to enhance wellness, and to deepen spiritual awareness.

We use them to amplify certain vibes in our lives such as joy, abundance, focus, peace, calming, energizing, connection. We use them to replace toxic chemicals in our homes, such as those found in cleaning and personal care products. And we use the heck out of them to enhance and amplify the potency of our meditation practices.

The purest essential oils are powerful. They are nature's essence, carefully extracted from botanicals and available to you to use in a variety of ways to achieve levels of balance and fulfillment that, frankly, may be the stuff of your wildest dreams today!

We use Young Living's therapeutic grade essential oils, and encourage you to experience them for yourself. We're passionate about the power and impact of EOs, so naturally we are passionate about sharing them. Check back regularly for new blog posts, webinars, new specials and bonuses, and more oily goodness. 

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Essential oils to amplify and support your 11th chakra

chakras + essential oils

Lime has a bright, fresh citrus scent that is energizing and uplifting. It's a versatile oil, equally at home in the kitchen as a tasty way to flavor your water, salsas, or dressings as it is in the diffuser to create an atmosphere of inspiration and creativity. Lime essential oil is a great oil to diffuse when you want to tap in to creative force of the Universe!

Angelica has been referred to as the "oil of the angels" for its soothing, calming aroma. It's distilled from the root of the angelica plant, and like all root-sourced EOs it's particularly good at grounding. It's a gorgeous oil to diffuse or wear when working the energy of the 11th chakra and bringing in information from your dream space. A drop on your pillow can support you while you sleep!

Transformation is comprised of a number of oils, including Palo Santo and Ocotea, two South American hardwoods that have a long history in Amazonian rituals. It empowers you to embrace uplifting thoughts rather than negative ones, and is particularly helpful in supporting you through changes of habit. 

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Daring Spirits' favorite Premium Starter Kit

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We suggest that new members start with a premium starter kit over the basic kit, because in addition to a great assortment of oils the premium kits include a diffuser. We're huge fans of the features and versatility of the Rainstone diffuser, It's a nearly effortless way to use your oils for aromatherapy!

Independent Distributors must purchase a starter kit and honor an annual commitment in order to enjoy wholesale pricing (24% off retail) and be eligible for Young Living's compensation plan and member benefits. You may choose to build a business or simply enjoy the discount!

Retail customers are not required to purchase a starter kit or meet any minimum order, and pay full retail price for all products. 

More information is available inside the YL website, which you can access via the button below. Create a member account and explore your options.

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December 2017 PV Promotion

Monthly pv* promotion 

Young Living's monthly PV promotions are a great way to try new oils.

Simply place a qualifying standard order or a qualifying Essential Rewards order (Essential Rewards is YL's auto-ship loyalty program, it offers several perks and is for members only) and you earn free products. 

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Curious about how we use essential oils in our daily lives?

Check out these resources!

Click on the sea lion to read up on essential oils in action.

Click on the sea lion to read up on essential oils in action.

Daring Spirits/Amplified by Essential OIls WEBINARS and VIDEOS on our YouTube channel!

Daring Spirits/Amplified by Essential OIls WEBINARS and VIDEOS on our YouTube channel!

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