Daring Spirits See Your Life Program

See Your Life

Buh-bye, limiting beliefs. So long, sketchy programming. See ya later, invalidator.

It's time to change the game. 

We all operate our lives under the influence of energy pictures. When you can see them, you can choose what to keep and what to clear.

This 5-part series walks you through the most common forces that dance in your space and how to handle them.  

Part 1: Certainty, Validation, & Amusement -  Connect to those three powerful energies and unleash your natural powers to create more with less effort.

Part 2: Agreements - We make agreements with everyone we encounter; some are short and sweet, some last a lifetime. Updating them keeps relationships moving smoothly.

Part 3: Programming - Gain insights into your assumptions, deprogram, and see what's really true for you. This meditation highlights programming in four key areas:  relationships, career, health, and finances. 

Part 4:  Limitations - Some things are non-negotiable. Or are they? See where you've set a ceiling or let someone else take control, and decide if that's working for you.

Part 5:  Core Beliefs - We hold certain pictures at our core that shape us and influence our worldview. These core beliefs can either prevent us from or move us toward having what is actually the "right" picture for us.

There's no pre-requisite for this course, although the topics taught in the AMP program are referenced.

With this package you will receive over 100 minutes of guided meditation plus an invitation to our closed FB group to ask questions, be part of the Daring Spirits community, and get feedback from our Daring Spirit coaches as you work through the program. 

You also get the See Your Life eBook, which acts as your guide as you work through the meditations in the program. It also gives you a place to record your observations and intentions to get the most out of the program.

Get yours here:

Click here for our AMP (Active Meditation Practice) Programs

Click here for our AMP (Active Meditation Practice) Programs

Get clarity with a reading or healing.

Get clarity with a reading or healing.