AMP - Relationships

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AMP - Relationships


Foster healthy, vibrant relationships with others; friends, family, your lover, your spouse, your children, colleagues, anyone with whom you associate. Are you ready to create the space for abundant connections in your life?

This guided meditation will walk you through applying AMP (Active Meditation Practice) tools to your relationships. 

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Using techniques from our signature meditation program, AMP (Active Meditation Practice), this guided meditation recording is designed to help you work the energy of your connections to others.

Create a space for new relationships, so that the people you want in your life can find their way to you.

Create stronger, deeper bonds in your current relationships.

If your picture of meditation is velvet cushions and a quiet mind, watching your thoughts drift by as you breathe incense and chant a mantra to pan flutes and the sound of waves crashing on the shore, this is *not* the meditation practice you're looking for.

Active meditation doesn't ask you to stop your life so you can meditate. It empowers you to meditate in the middle of all the things you're doing every day - and when you do that, all of a sudden those everyday things feel easier. Lighter. More amusing. And the big things you want to do? Well, the path to those gets a whole lot clearer.

fine print: when you purchase this recording, you'll receive a digital link which expires after 24 hours (so download it right away!) BONUS: your purchase confirmation includes an invitation to our closed Facebook group, where you can connect with us and others who are using active meditation to transform their lives and the world. We'll see you there!