E-mail Reading

E-mail Reading


What is the universe trying to tell you? Something (or someone) popping up again and again, and you don't know why? 

Concise and actionable, an email reading give you a peek into the energy around you or something you're creating.

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Energy readings are not just for the "mysterious" things - we look at energy all day long.

We aim to make everything we do feel easier by reading the energy as we go. Buying a house? Changing careers? Thinking about starting a business? Having trouble connecting with someone? Take a look at the energy of it!

No topic is too big or too small - so if you're curious, and looking for an entry into the world of energy readings, drop us a line. We'll take a look at the relevant energy picture(s) and help you see your next step. 

BONUS: your purchase confirmation includes an invitation to our closed Facebook group, where you can connect with us and others who are using active meditation to transform their lives and the world. We'll see you there!