Energy Reading

Energy Reading


Feeling stuck?

Consciously or not, you're co-creating hand-in-hand with the universe every day. What are you making? How's it working for you?

A reading opens up the possibilities, bringing focus, clarity, and certainty.

Why wait?

Readings are done over the phone and typically take 45-60 minutes.

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An energy reading can give you an advantage when it comes to consciously choosing next steps, and simply having more space for you in your life. 

In this 60-minute session, your reader will look at the dominant themes in your life in this moment. You'll discover where you're working on an energetic level and steps you can take to clear obstacles and move closer to your truth. 

You'll get clarity around your own information, the stuff the universe wants to download directly and uniquely to you, and you can put that information to work for you immediately. 

Readings can be on a specific topic, or we can see what comes up organically. 

We look at energy from a light-hearted space, reading with unapologetic honesty, non-judgement, and, yes, frequent laughter. When you get a reading, nothing - not one thing - that we tell you will be news to you. It's your information, it's energy that's hanging around you. It's kind of like someone walking in to your closet and saying, "Hey, look at these shoes!" about a pair you'd forgotten you own. There's nothing to fear.

All readings are done over the phone. We record the reading live with you and then send you a link so you can download and re-visit any time.