Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing


Are you rockin' the energy of some major growth? Lying in wait for the next steps to appear? Can't shake the feeling that there's something you just can't put your finger on that's holding you back? 

A reading + healing combo will make it feel lighter and easier by helping you see the energy you're handling and clearing out what's not serving you. Then you can get on with that next step with less effort!

These sessions are done over the phone and typically take 60-75 minutes.

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Think of this as a tune-up for your energy field. See what's happening in your space and clear out old information in order to receive what the universe is giving you now.

First we see where you are working, giving you valuable information and next steps, highlighting areas where you can have immediate impact. 

Then we move into the healing, which aims to clear stagnant energy within the energy channels and chakras (including the 8th-12th chakras), heal your pain body as well as your connection to your dream space, and allow you to reconnect to your energy.

(translation: we'll sweep the sludge out of the pipes and get your unique energy flowing more freely, assisting your physical body in finding balance and inviting your dream self to manifest the stuff it's got going on)

Healing your energetic space helps you see and move toward your next steps with clarity and confidence. This session is equally powerful when done over the phone or in person.

BONUS: your purchase confirmation includes an invitation to our closed Facebook group, where you can connect with us and others who are using active meditation to transform their lives and the world. We'll see you there!

Note:  all readings and healings are done over the phone. We record the reading live with you and then send you a link so you can download and re-visit any time.