We have the best job ever.

We know that integrating mind, body, and spirit - and keeping all three in balance - makes things feel easier and gentler. It's our passion and purpose to bring you tools and techniques you can use to achieve & maintain that integration.

We also believe that amusement eases any situation, so we aim for lightness at every opportunity. We're playful. We can be quite fresh. We're audacious and unapologetic and we're playing big. We are ready to fan your flame as you light up your own life. We'll even bring the matches.

Life is more fun when you show up fully, when you access all the information available to you and translate those insights into inspired action. It's our calling to assist you in finding your truth and your voice, and we each do it in our own unique way. 

Barbara Holbrook

Co-Creator Barbara@daringspirits.com


Barbara serves as a lightening bolt to instigate change and help you magnify your purpose. As an Energy Worker (clairvoyant, medium, and teacher), she'll rouse your inner dragon and show you how to work with it instead of shy away from it.

Yes, she will deliver strong messages and challenge you to grow - and she'll help you see that you have what you need to go big in your life.

She won't tiptoe around the elephant in the room - she'll invite it to tango.

She honors her creative energy by showing up and letting Spirit take the lead, co-creating with the Universe as a student of A Course in Miracles. She's made peace with her inner bull in the china shop after decades of unsuccessful attempts to quiet it. Curious and more than a little irreverent, nothing thrills her more than hearing authentic truth expressed without fear (or, even juicier - despite fear!).

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Elizabeth Guilbeault

Co-Creator elizabeth@daringspirits.com


Elizabeth serves as an unflinchingly honest yet gentle guide to show you how to access your unique energy and put it to work for you. She loves to assist in transforming lives and believes the techniques taught at Daring Spirits do just that - transform lives. As an Energy Worker (clairvoyant, medium, and teacher), she loves to highlight the opportunities for growth and dare to go beyond what is comfortable.

Yes, she will expect you to show up and do your part - and she'll show you how to see past and break through what you currently perceive as limits.

She has a background in finance (MBA), human services (MA), and spent several years working in Human Resources where she especially enjoyed organizational development and training. Elizabeth is also a Realtor with Coldwell Banker in their local Andover, MA office. When not blogging and assisting others in seeing their next steps, she loves laughing with family and friends, practicing and teaching yoga, reading (books and energy), exploring new opportunities, taking the occasional nap, and going for "it." 

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